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Ohmygah that was freakin beautiful and they are both so beautiful

Posted by Diplo. HAHA, Australia’s label.

Brings back summer so long before. What do you love about Australia?

Australia <3

I’ve never heard of a brolga bird before!

Loving on this: Australian Cycle Chic for Bondi Beach Cruisers. Cut Copy background, apropos.

Basically, I want to go back to Australia/ be that girl

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Nom nom Kellan Lutz

Uhh, Australia’s racist.


JWT (Australia)

So.. this freaks me out

How did I miss this in Victoria, Australia?

There’s one in Puerto Rico, too!

All about GLEE:

  1. It was originally written into a movie.
  2. It costs at least $3mil per episode.
  3. Eve was cast in the episode “Hairography” after Whitney Houston declined to appear
  4. IT AIRS AT 7:30PM ON SUNDAYS IN AUSTRALIA.#4 was really all I wanted to know.